Image Courtesy of 50 UN Plaza

Once upon a time in Manhattan, a spacious duplex in the coveted penthouse suite was considered the pinnacle of living large. But now the stakes have been raised…with a very hefty price tag.

The condo tower at 50 United Nations Plaza designed by Foster + Partners, is home to a fantastic penthouse, featuring one of the most-breathtaking views of the City. Picture a king, looking down at the vast kingdom surrounding his majestic castle and you can almost envision it. The sprawling 15,597 square-foot pad includes 14-bedrooms, 13-full-baths, a 50-foot-long heated outdoor pool, a fireplace and 10,000 lb. stainless-steel-staircase and is expected to go for 70M.The project’s hope is that it will restore some of the prestige back to this Midtown Manhattan neighborhood known as Turtle Bay.



Once home to 80’s A-listers like Katharine Hepburn, Johnny Carson and Ricardo Montalban, the area lost much of its luster over the years, likely due to the increased traffic and protestors surrounding the UN building. But are there real buyers in the market at this luxe level? Consider the 16-room triplex penthouse sitting on top of the posh Pierre Hotel, where top designer Tory Burch is a current resident and former occupants including Liz Taylor, Yves Saint-Laurent and Mohamed al-Fayed, cut its asking price from $125 million to $63 million last year. The triplex features a grand black-marble staircase, arched cathedral windows, 23-foot ceilings, and fireplaces, and despite its reduced asking price, this abode boasts hefty monthly charges totaling over $40k. Still, expect to see sky-high prices rise even higher for over-the-top living spaces in NYC.