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Home Car Elevator

New York is the undisputed financial capital of the world and it is fast becoming much more than just Wall Street. More TAMI (Technology, Advertising, Media, Information) businesses are calling this city their new home. This will in turn bring in not only new commercial spaces but it will also drive up the need for housing since these new employees will need a haven to call home. As of 2015, there were an estimated 330,000 people in New York City employed in the TAMI industry. It will certainly be a winning combination to look forward to with many new jobs and structures to be built.

In NYC real estate you are sure to find much technology that goes to use in some extravagant ways too. Take for instance Nicole’s new home, which boasts it’s own car elevator. This high tech car lift is dubbed the En Suite Sky Garage, and enables homeowners to enter their home without leaving the confines of their car thanks to a 60-second journey in an elevator. It also includes a retractable glass vault, which covers the stairs in elegance.

200 11th st

200 11th St

With such a surge in technological advances, it is now wise for New York transplants to use phone apps to navigate the city. If you find your cell phone dying while on the go then no need to fret. You can now recharge your phone via LinkNYC. You can find these recharge stations on city sidewalks. Not only will these hubs recharge your phone but they will also offer free public Wi-Fi, phone calls, tablet for Internet browsing, access to city services, maps and directions all at no cost!



With technology on the rise this number will surely grow massively and my team will be here to assist in their housing needs. Savvy New Yorkers know they need to use technology to their advantage and many of them are now calling it their profession. In the coming years it will be interesting to see how these two grand industries, Finance and Technology merge in the city.