We Know The City 


City Zen takes pride in providing our clients real estate and concierge services.  City Zen provides a unique program designed to offer the finest relocation services to your upper management professionals, transferrers, and their families. We understand that transitions made by these individuals are highly visible and critical for the well-being of your company. Our program is designed to cater to the most discriminating executives and their families.

With our comprehensive understanding of the challenges a transferee and their family face during the course of a relocation, City Zen offers multi-level service options that cater to the specific needs of the transferee.

Starting with neighborhood selection, on the first reconnaissance trip to New York,  our staff offers airport pick-up and town car service on that all important first trip to New York with a tailored orientation.   As a concierge, we know how to access everything in New York from the best schools, to decorators,  doctors, dentists, fineness restaurants, clubs, and even season tickets at the Met.  

Our program is designed specifically with the family in mind, while adhering to your budgetary concerns. Whether you’re interested in a single employee relocation or several people in your office, City Zen consistently delivers the excellent quality service you require.



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