Image Courtesy of Tower Verde

Next time you are going by the MoMa, you will notice that construction well on its way at 53 west 53rd street, one of the most exciting new additions to the New York City skyline. Critics are calling it the most complicated building built in Manhattan in a generation with an asymmetric shape, it rises like a shard of glass.

Architect Jean Nouvel redefines the industry standard for New York City megatowers with 53W53. Nouvel sculpts the MOMA tower according to the zoning plan of the building, creating “set-backs” at different angles going up 1050 feet. Afterward, the master architect back-engineered the interior of the building to mold the creation we see today. Taking an unconventional approach, Nouvel designed an exoskeleton of intersecting steel beams to cage in the tower’s shimmering glass facades and every unit has a different floor plan.

Image Courtesy of Tower Verde

Grand condominiums will feature generously sized rooms surrounded by open windows with views of the NYC skyline and Central Park. The unique skyscrapers shines like an artistic masterpiece on display by its neighboring museum, let alone a mecca of galleries and residences with 5-star hotel services. Imagine how 53W53’s intricacy will captivate you in person… and this is only the outside of the building. You have to see the 32nd floor model unit, which will allow you to examine the challenges this unusual design had to overcome.


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