Fashionable people who walk the city streets are similar to one’s blood cell’s running through your vein.Fashionable people give life, revive and color the otherwise grey streets and alleys of New York. In New York, every day is a fashion show and the streets are our runway. This must be why we have some of the world’s most luxurious fashion brands.


5th Avenue

The famous Fifth Avenue is a must, even if only for window-shopping, as is trendy Madison Avenue. Designer shops include Chanel, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. The cobblestone streets of Soho also hosts many chic outlets. Designers flock to the city to get their degrees at F.I.T, Parsons, NYU. Here you will find the best. We even have a designated area in the city called Fashion Avenue where many designers go to purchase their materials. New York City Fashion week also takes place here twice in the year at the Lincoln Center. This is held in February and September generally lasting 7-9 days. International fashion collections all around the world are shown to buyers, the press and general public in a variety of lavish events and after parties every day. 


No matter what your style, you have plenty of choices to choose from to express the way you want to be seen and hopefully in a glamorous way. Should you choose to express who you are through your home purchase then a must see is the world’s tallest new residential condo. This new development at 217 west 57th street soars over 1,700 ft. high with expansive views of the city. It will include a 7 story Nordstrom department store. This  285,000 square feet shopping behemoth will now grace billionaire row for your luxury shopping needs.