When you start living in Manhattan, chances are you have little time for the drudgery of life. This includes waiting in line at the grocery store, walking over to the hair salon, waiting after work in a busy nail salon for an empty chair and more waiting in line when shopping for your business attire.

New Yorkers don’t have enough time in the day! We are focused on our careers and when the day is over, we want to focus on family and fun! If we are not scheduled to finish a big project on the weekend then we are in the Hamptons  or out of town to re-energize.

When I came here, I wanted to adapt to the city quickly but it wasn’t easy to learn things that fast. This city has taught me some of the most valuable lessons in how to manage your time wisely. I will be happy to pass along what I have learned and save you much time in the process.
Firstly, phone applications will be your new best friend. Over the years I have accumulated various phone applications to help make my life easier.  You will literally have all you need at your fingertips.


However, navigating through thousands of apps and choosing the right ones on your own is not an easy feat.  These apps function to help make your life more productive. For example, if you just landed in NY and need to organize a business meeting with your NYC clients somewhere fast in the city that is impressive, where would you look?  Or perhaps you need to relax and hit one of the city’s hottest dance venues, where do you begin to look? Would you want to order your groceries from your phone app in 10 minutes and have it delivered to your home in less than two hours? What if  the item is not in the store? Wouldn’t you want to get a replacement recommendation?

Let’s say you are running home to get ready for a business function  and you realize you don’t have time to get your hair or nails done. Gasp! This has happened to me before, but not anymore. With certain phone apps you can actually have your grooming needs taken care of at your home or even office. In time, your cell phone will be like a personal butler to have your daily needs and tasks taken care of even after work hours.  Everything from having a technician fix your computer, a handyman or even a dog groomer can show up at your front door to give your loving pooch a manicure complete with matching do all at the comfort of your home. Living in the city does not have to be hectic. Our customer service mission is to make your New York lifestyle as comfortable as possible.