15 Hudson Yards

The other day I was showing a property at Hudson Yards, known as a city within a city, and saw that the mega project was starting to really take on its own character.

Like Park Avenue over a hundred years ago, Hudson Yards is built over railway property. Covering seven city blocks and  boasting 116 skyscrapers, it is the biggest real estate development in U.S history.  Completion is set for 2020 for both the residential and commercial tenants to take up residency.


Hudson Yards Office Space

For those looking for an ultra-luxurious apartment in the Yard, the one bedroom apartments are already completely sold out.  Two bedrooms start at $3.7 million  and pricing seems limitless on the cream de la cream homes which spread across multiple floors with 30,000 square feet. All the buildings have the now typical amenities including spas, wine tasting rooms, yoga and fitness classes, pools, golf lounges, minibars, pet care centers and much more to whet your appetite.


Hudson Yards’s Garden

This gated community offer perks not only to its residents, but it will also offer various public spaces for the surrounding neighbors to enjoy.  During a resent viewing we were lead to an open floor to ceiling view of the Hudson Yards and saw the immense Italian sculpture still in its infancy. This monolithic art piece is being created by Thomas Heatherwick.  At fifteen stories and a cost of $150 million will rival the Eiffel Tower for iconic recognition.

hy pool

15 Hudson Yards Swimming Pool

The surrounding areas will include beautiful landscaped gardens and within the 28-acre neighborhood there are 350 art galleries planned, making the West Side a true art destination for the global art lovers.