Buying or Renting

City Zen Relocation


Buying or renting an apartment in Manhattan requires proper preparation. Our experienced team will guide you through the steps to make this an enjoyable experience.   Meeting the financial requirements and gathering the proper documentation are the first steps.  Many have missed an opportunity to live in their dream apartment because time was lost chasing down the proper paperwork. Each building in NYC has its own rules and requirements so whether applying for an apartment in a rental, co-op or condo building, you will need an agent who will guide you through the steps.

Maximum Market Exposure

Selling With City Zen


City Zen’s goal is to help you enhance the marketability of your property and attract a wide audience of buyers.  Our real estate agents work on your behalf to optimize the sale of your home and make the experience satisfying, and fulfilling.  City Zen Realty has perfected the art of marketing and selling Manhattan properties through innovative marketing strategies to promote your home to attract and retain buyers. We are committed to guiding you throughout the entire process, from property valuation to the closing of your sale and beyond.