Throughout my life I have been challenged making decisions, be it a restaurant or a movie to watch, so determining which property to buy in New York can seem like an impossible challenge. 

Yet, with the help of these steps below, I believe anyone can find their dream home in New York City.  The first step in finding the perfect New York City property is to decide the lifestyle you want. Each neighborhood has its own story to tell and to a great extent shapes lifestyle along with the type and amenities of the building.  For instance, just as shoes are separated into different categories such as for athletics or fashion; the analogy for NYC residences and lifestyle range from utilitarian shelter to luxurious comfort to even more luxury.


One you know what type lifestyle you want from your apartment, you can decide which neighborhood to live, from bohemian to uber chic, New York has it all.  When researching for that perfect new home, you also must have a parallel investigation for the perfect neighborhood. For example, someone who is searching for an apartment on the Upper West Side will have a completely different lifestyle dynamic than someone looking for apartments in the West Village or Financial District.


Perhaps the most diverse New York neighborhood is the Upper West Side where luxury condos, townhouses, penthouses and the grand apartment buildings of Central Park West are commingled with attractions like the American Museum of Natural History, Metropolitan Opera House, Lincoln Center and the New-York Historical Society.  In comparison, the Upper East Side has residences such as brownstones and upscale high-rises.  Sometimes it’s hard to decide between NYC neighborhoods, having lived here for years I know how charming each neighborhood is.  If only moving wasn’t such a hassle, I would love to experience living in them all.