Demolition the Historical Building on Billionaire Row

Billionaire’s Row will have yet another mega tower at 27 West 57th Street.

Vornado Realty is putting up the new tower that will undoubtedly match its Billionaire Row neighbors in extravagance and price replacing three pre-war buildings at 27-33 West 57th Street.  The demolition nearly a fait a complete at 31 and 33 W 57th for the Italian-inspired townhouses and the 13-story Art Deco tower Chickering Hall at 29 West 57th   where the Piano manufacture  had their 1867 Paris Exhibition award imbedded on the all sides of the clock tower. All three buildings contained ground level retail that faced the street.  While the final plans are still unknown there is talk of a seven star hotel.  Whatever the final plan with the proximity to Central Park it will be very tall and in keeping with the neighborhood.  Given the current high-profile ownership on the West 57th strip, Vornado is bound to face challenges with overly-tall construction. Regardless, I’m excited to see what brilliant design will fill the gap between the 1,397-foot tall 432 Park Avenue condo tower and the 1,420-foot tall 111 west 57th Street residential project flanked by Jean Nouvel’s MoMa cathedral residence on 53 West 53rd Street.