Every time I walk by the Nordstrom Tower construction site on 57th Street I am amazed by the building activity on this supertall tower en route to the skyscraper hall of fame as the second-tallest building in the United States behind the Freedom Tower and the tallest residential building on Earth.

As mega towers continue to rise and transform the New York City skyline, none of them are set to dominate Manhattan like 217 West 57th Street. The luxury residential building’s glistening glass-curtain facades will penetrate the stratosphere at 1775 feet high. It will host New York City’s premiere Nordstrom department store on the first 7 floors of the building while floors 8-12 anticipate a lavish hotel. Exclusively located in the center of Manhattan on billionaire’s row—a strip of ultra-lux condominium buildings where the world’s richest call home—this breathtaking landmark will surely grab some elite attention from across the globe.


217-West 57th-Street

Nordstrom Tower


With Manhattanites, Middle Eastern Prime Ministers, billionaire Wall Street investors and Russian business tycoons paying record amounts for stunning homes along the 57th Street Billionaire Row corridor, it will be interesting to follow the makeup of the buyers of the tallest residential building in the entire world.